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    Product quality is very important for us, so all production lines are in comply with Quality Management System, all the factories passed ISO9001:2000 certification.

    Strict production process and advanced production technology: With standardized production technology and entire seal production, technology department follows up workshop production, Timely adjusts Process parameters to ensure high quality products.

    Raw material inspection: with same origin of raw material and strict standards selection of raw materials supplier, We urge primary qualified suppliers to continuously improve the quality of products to fully meet our requirements and sign purchase contract with them. Before raw material stock in, Quality inspection personnel do final inspection to ensure that raw materials to meet the requirements.

    Production process monitoring: To avoid materials of man-made pollution during production process, factories adopt full-closed manufacturing process. Combining with strict Sampling inspection and taking next procedure as customer, every production process stick to strict quality control and form a set of strict quality control procedures, from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, quality inspection staff will be in accordance with the standards for each procedure for sampling inspection, substandard products are not allowed to enter the next process. Before packing, all products conduct a comprehensive sampling inspection and recheck process. Original Laboratory records register in file, implement the accountability system. From raw materials to finished products, after 7 times of test, to ensure the quality of qualified products delivered to the customer.

    User tracking and technical support: Create a complete user profile, supply the user with each batch of products, from raw materials, production process parameters, and responsibility person etc are documented. Keep delivery sample for one to two years, And for every user, arrange specialized technical personnel in charge of after sale service and technical advice








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